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Why GraphQL Will Rewrite the Semantic Web

dethrone the language, and perhaps even RDF. I'm not talking about Neo4J's Cypher (which in its open

Beyond the 9-to-5

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The Tao of Tau

For the next three hundred years, π would reign supreme in mathematics as perhaps the single most w

Of Superheroes, Hypergraphs and the Intricacy of Roles

Ontologists, especially neophyte data modelers, often get caught up in the definition of classes, wan

What’s In A Name?

I wrote on this topic way back in 2016, but when a recent reader indicated that the original article

The Role of Context In Data

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The Work-From-Home Rebellion, Or Revenge of the Introverts

In the next several months, it is very likely that the following scenario will be repeated over and o

Using Tarql to Convert Excel Spreadsheets to RDF

Over the years, I've worked on a number of semantics projects. While some of them involved pulling da

The Coming College Crisis

Education, especially college education, is facing an existential crisis. Partially due to demographi